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Beyond the Bedside: Kensington's Hospice Expansion

Kensington’s unparalleled commitment to accessible and highly-personalized palliative care is about to nearly double in size, giving more choice and dignity to those living with dying. 

In 2020, we will expand our facility with nine new beds and offer a new Community Day Hospice Program.

New facilities and programming will put those with life-limiting terminal conditions at the centre of their care for as long as that may be.  By extending our extensive suite of personalized services provided to residents - and their loved ones – we will assist in the range of physical, emotional, social and spiritual challenges that end-of-life care brings on, alleviating the burden families can face.

Caring for those who are approaching end-of-life with agency and choice is one of the most important gifts we can give, but it’s also critically underfunded. Nearly 40% of current hospice operational costs are covered through Foundation support.

Help us offer holistic and end-of life care across the spectrum, whether to newly-diagnosed patients facing uncertainty, or those who spend their final weeks with us. Give new meaning to community care. Join our Hospice Expansion campaign. Go beyond the bedside.

To learn more, contact Isabella at the Kensington Health Foundation office: 416-964-3636 or foundation@kensingtonhealth.org