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Spiritual support

At Kensington, we offer a variety of religious and spiritual services to the people who live here and their families.

Our onsite Chaplain has a passion for supporting spiritual health and well-being as a part of the overall care of each resident.

Religious and spiritual services

We are committed to helping residents stay connected with their spiritual worship and religious communities while living in long-term care. Our on-site chaplain can help facilitate connections within the community to ensure you have access to the services you want.

We also host a number of spiritual services at Kensington, which includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Shabbat services (and Jewish special holiday services) with volunteers from Narayever Synagogue
  • Weekly ecumenical church services
  • Christmas and Easter services
  • Roman Catholic Mass services, and rosary in Portuguese
  • Communion services for residents, in their rooms
  • Remembrance Day services
  • Memorial services

Private spiritual support

We offer one-on-one spiritual counselling to residents and their families. This service can help people who need emotional support, may be experiencing difficulty with the transition to long-term care, and people who are questioning meaning and purpose in life.

End-of-life spiritual support

Kensington can help facilitate or provide end-of-life spiritual services for residents and their families. In addition to supporting residents, we also offer bereavement support and memorial services for families.

For more information about spiritual services at Kensington, contact us.